An Mesh is the N-dimensional data structure to represent points sets and meshes for itk-wasm. It is intended to be used for data transfer and exchange as opposed to processing.

A Mesh is a JavaScript object with the following properties:

  • meshType: The MeshType for this mesh.

  • name: An optional name string that describes this mesh.

  • numberOfPoints: The number of points in the mesh.

  • points: A TypedArray containing the point locations.

  • numberOfPointPixels: The number of points pixels in the mesh.

  • pointData: A TypedArray containing the point pixel data.

  • numberOfCells: The number of cells in the mesh.

  • cells: A TypedArray containing the cells.

  • numberOfCellPixels: The number of cells pixels in the mesh.

  • cellData: A TypedArray containing the cell pixel data.

  • cellBufferSize: The size of the cell buffer in unsigned int’s.

For more information, see the description of an itk::Mesh in the ITK Software Guide.