Python, NumPy interopΒΆ

itkwasm interface types, used in function calls, are standard Python dataclasses. These interface types are composed of standard Python datatypes, dict, list, float, int, and NumPy arrays.

Convert from itkwasm to dictΒΆ

To convert from an itkwasm dataclass interface type to a Python dictionary, use asdict from the Python standard library.

An example with itkwasm.Image:

from itkwasm import Image
image = Image()

from dataclasses import asdict
image_dict = asdict(image)

Convert from dict to itkwasmΒΆ

To convert back to an itkwasm interface type, use the ** Python operator to expand the dictionary into keyword arguments for the dataclass constructor.

from itkwasm import Image
image = Image(**image_dict)