An Image is the N-dimensional image data structure for itk-wasm. Image is a JavaScript object with the following properties:

imageType: The ImageType for this image.
name: An optional name, a String, that describes this image.
origin: An Array with length dimension that describes the location of the center of the lower left pixel in physical units.
spacing: An Array with length dimension that describes the spacing between pixel in physical units.
direction: A dimension by dimension Float64Array in column-major order, that describes the orientation of the image at its origin. The orientation of each axis are the orthonormal columns.
size: An Array with length dimension that contains the number of pixels along dimension.
data: A TypedArray containing the pixel buffer data.

For more information, see the description of an itk::Image in the ITK Software Guide.

Note that the origin, spacing, direction, and size are indexed with an x, y, z convention ordering. This is the reverse indexing convention relative to other libraries such as TensorFlow.js. To generate a TensorFlow tensor from an Image, image:

const tensor = tf.tensor(, image.size.reverse())

To visualize an Image with vtk.js use convertItkToVtkImage from vtk.js/Sources/Common/DataModel/ITKHelper.